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Our Mandate

PTC/USER is the independent voice for users of software produced by PTC. As the sole entity recognized by PTC as the official worldwide representative of its customers, it is uniquely positioned to support customers through a dedicated user network; educate customers through an online file library, online discussion forums and contributions to PTC events; and advocate on the behalf of customers through an annual meeting with PTC and Technical Committee work.


PTC/USER has a three-fold mission:

  • Support customers of PTC through our extensive network of dedicated users. These communities get together through Regional User Groups (RUGs), meet at PTC Live Global and exchange over 100,000 email messages a year through our worldwide forums.

  • Educate through our file library and our participation in PTC Live Global Live events helping vet the content for these events.

  • Advocate through an annual executive meeting with PTC management and through our Technical Committees.









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